How To Never Be Happy for The Rest of Your Life — Part 1

What do you want out of life?

Have you ever stopped long enough to ask yourself the question?

Have you went out to achieve it and still felt empty?

For me it kinda went like this:

  • I want to travel. Check.
  • I have amazing sex with beautiful woman. Check.
  • I want to make inspirational videos and post them to YouTube. Check.

So, what happens when you fill the void with the external pleasures of the world?

I don’t know what it’s like for you, but I just keep coming up empty handed.

Logically this makes no sense at first.

I want something. I get it. Still not satisfied….

WTF is wrong with me?

Am I some ungrateful first-world snob?

But then, I vaguely remember my economics professor discussing the topic of Diminishing Marginal Utility — which may shed some light on our current state of boredom.

There’s also that one thing —  The Hedonic Treadmill.

One might feel like it’s a hopeless race to the bottom of the ego’s pleasure filled paradise.

That is until you wake up to the power of pure consciousness.

It is here, at brief moments, I’ve somehow experienced a different level of contentment, one that comes from within.

I’m still on the path. On the mission to find lasting peace.

But consider this a cautionary tale.

If your focus is solely dictated by what you acquire in the outside world, one day in the not too distant future you may wake up with everything you’ve every wanted in life and still feel like the shitty, empty person you were before.

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Life wasn’t meant to be lived behind a computer screen, in a cubicle, or grinding away at a to-do list. Life was meant to be experienced, living in the present moment.

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